2016-06-18 07:10:13
DeltaDelish: Memories
2016-01-21 04:33:39
DeltaDelish: The OLD SITE!!!
2015-04-14 05:38:38
DeltaDelish: The **** hotshot? where you be at?
2015-01-23 06:26:29
HOTSHOT: its been sooo long i miss the good days of SWBII
2014-12-07 10:22:38
DeltaDelish: I miss forumwise
2013-06-01 04:16:56
DeltaDelish: LMAO @ Dex
2012-11-15 11:52:29
johnsonjem: Hello buddies
2012-10-21 09:46:40
D-E-X-I-S: Die in a fire.
2012-07-21 05:25:22
Fallenluke: Whats up
2012-06-27 08:20:28
oza: how do you post page not found if your on the site
2012-06-27 03:37:46
DeltaDelish: error page not found
2012-06-26 10:22:35
Kitty: www.gamepur.com/feat ure/6788-ten-best-vi deo-game-characters- all-time.html?utm_so urce=crowdignite.com &utm_medium=referral &utm_campaign=crowdi gnite.com
2012-06-24 06:41:17
DrakusFett: Fun.
2012-06-21 04:06:55
DeltaDelish: 80 GB. Had mine before the slims came out with their huge hard drives.
2012-06-21 12:32:08
DrakusFett: My Ps3 Is the 320 GB what do you have?
2012-06-14 03:06:08
DeltaDelish: Attention to the fags who i promised birthday gifts to: I'll get them as soon as i buy an external and internal hard drive to updgrade my ps3
2012-06-13 04:16:38
DeltaDelish: Dex took it away. Just click on the forum banner
2012-06-13 02:31:16
oza: what happened to the links at the top of the site (forum? memberlist ect. and why is da cbox upside down
2012-06-12 05:47:43
D-E-X-I-S: Delish succeeded in correcting my spelling once in the SB.
2012-06-12 04:51:15
D-E-X-I-S: PsychoPhantom has been promoted to Sergeant Major! Congrats dude~~
2012-06-10 06:49:19
D-E-X-I-S: Word of the Month June: Squnt- Squab/****.
2012-06-10 06:29:57
2012-06-10 02:23:49
D-E-X-I-S: Shoutbox and other things on the Portal Updated!
2012-06-06 03:11:29
DeltaDelish: Tader that line is so old >.> please use something that every fag in the world hasn't used.
2012-06-06 01:15:14
Tader: No no no, it's "I used to be straight like you, but then i took a dick up the ass." and NO delish.. I am not referring to myself in this saying
2012-06-04 04:00:48
DeltaDelish: No no. its "I used to be an adventurer like you once, but then i took a sword in the chest"
2012-06-03 07:17:16
DrakusFett: I used to wonder what you were talking about, then I took an arrow to the knee.
2012-06-02 05:16:05
DeltaDelish: it's from skyrim, and it wasn't directed towards you. Or is it?
2012-06-01 06:54:20
DrakusFett: wtf are you talking about xD
2012-05-29 02:34:19
DeltaDelish: You have commited crimes against MTD and it's people, what say you in your defense?